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McCordsville Family Dentistry

We offer whole family dentistry services to help you and your kids achieve optimal oral health and perfect smiles. Browse the page below to learn more. It’s easy to schedule your appointment with us.

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Your Family's Dental Care Is Important!

Spending time with your family is priceless. We understand that and that is why we offer dental services for the whole family. This way you can save time by bringing everyone to the same place. You can rest easy knowing that your dentist has the experience to take good care of all of your loved ones and the ability to see them all in one location. Our state of the art dental office along with Dr. Vogt’s training is sure to meet your entire family’s dental needs.

Happy Kids

Dr. Vogt is great with children. He has a unique way of helping families actually enjoy the dentist. His personality and caring nature makes all the difference.

Money In Your Pocket

Families can be expensive, but they don't have to be. Bring your whole family in to save big on time and energy.

Feel Comfortable

We make sure that everyone is comfortable and at ease when in the waiting room and during procedures.

Rest Easy

Your entire family is in good hands. Dr. Vogt takes ten times the recommended continuing education. You can be assured that your family dental issues will be properly identified and solved.

Less Stress

Smiles make everyone happier. Your entire household will have better energy and mood when they don't have to worry about their dental health.

Get More Done

When you spend less time at the dentist you have more time for life's other activities. Bringing the whole family to one place is a huge time saver!


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What Makes a Family Dentist Great?

As a parent you want a family dentist that you can trust to take great care of your family’s teeth. You want the ability to have great rapport with your dentist and an environment that is family friendly. Dr. Vogt is known to make every visit a walk in the park and that is something all of our patients experience. As a dental professional, Dr. Vogt has worked with adult dental issues and pediatric dental care in very young children. He is gentle, smart, and kids love him. We understand how important your family is to you and that is why we provide a 5 star family dentistry experience. We see lots of happy families, take a look at our reviews to see for yourself.

After fulling cleaning the inside of the tooth a rubber-like material will be placed where the pulp once was and a cap will placed on top. This will look and feel just like your natural tooth. You can bite with normal pressure and your chewing will not be affected.

Is A Family Dentist right for you?

If you have more than one person under your care or living in your household a family dentist like Dr. Vogt can make all the difference in the world. Very few people like going to the dentist in general, but at our office we strive to make sure that you don’t feel that way.

Are My Family's Dental Procedures Covered By My Insurance?

Every patient’s situation is different. We would love to discuss payment options with you. Please call our office at 317-643-9434.