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Periodontal Treatment

We offer periodontal treatments to help you achieve healthier gums and the perfect smile. Browse the page below to learn more. It’s easy to schedule your appointment with us.

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Periodontal Treatments Keep Gums Healthy

Teeth are usually the first thing you think about when you think about oral health. The gums, however, are just as important and keeping them healthy is paramount to keeping your teeth. This is where periodontal treatments come in. You don’t always need to go see a periodontal specialist to treat your gums and rid them of disease. Dr. Vogt is a very capable dentist and makes periodontal procedures available to his patients.

Better Pay & Benefits

People who have healthy smiles tend to get better pay and benefits. Make sure you take good care of your gums to keep your teeth.

Great First Impressions

Your smile is like a beacon. A healthy set of teeth will send out good signals. A bad set of teeth sends a different message. Taking care of your gums by brushing and flossing will keep your teeth healthy longer.

Boosts Your Self Esteem

People can tell when you have something that is keeping you from feeling confident. Make sure you're taking good care of your gums so you don't have to worry about your teeth.

Improves Overall Dental Health

Healthy gums usually means healthy teeth. Invest the time in to taking care of your gums and the rest of your mouth will benefit too.

Smile More & Live Longer

People who live longer tend to smile more. You can live a happier longer life too. Have your dentist check your gums regularly.

High Trust & Productivity

Smiling gives you energy. It also gives people the impression that they can trust you. Combine both of these things and suddenly you're able to go further in life.


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What Are Periodontal Treatments ?

Periodontal treatments are procedures performed by a dental hygienist or dentist specializing in periodontics to help patients that have been diagnosed with periodontitis.

Root planing and scaling, one way of treating periodontitis, is a procedure that involves removing dental plaque and calculus (tartar) above and below the gum line in patients suffering from this sever form of gum disease.

This procedure is often referred to as a deep cleaning as it is more invasive than a standard teeth cleaning.

Are Periodontal Treatments Right For You?

You may been told that you have gum disease and you’re wondering if you need periodontal treatment. Many times what was once a mild case of gingivitis is left untreated and turns into the more sever form of periodontitis.

When this happens, the gums become inflamed and pockets form on either side of the teeth. These pockets cause food and bacteria to become trapped in parts of your gums that brushing and flossing cannot reach. The bones in the surrounding areas become inflamed and your teeth start to loosen.

This is when you need periodontal treatments. After you have had your deep clean (root planing and scaling) you will need perio maintenance in order to keep the periodontitis at bay. Unfortunately periodontitis is not completely curable and it will require you to keep up with it for the. rest of your life. This is why the dentist tells you that is so important to take preventative measure like brushing and flossing very seriously.

Our Periodontal Treatments

Dr. Vogt has made the following treatments available to his patients suffering from periodontitis:

  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Gum Grafting
  • Flap Surgery
  • Bone Grafting

Are Periodontal Treatments Covered By My Insurance?

Every patient’s situation is different. We would love to discuss payment options with you. Please call our office at 317-643-9434.